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Whispers Of The Dune

Whispers Of The Dune

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This months one shot campaign is Whispers Of The Dune! This campaign will have you dumping sand out of your boots. Set in the Sakmaru Desert you will be fighting your way through the Tomb of Amen-Rut. Be sure to ready yourselves for a mummy or two! You will be sure to have a different adventure on this level 10 adventure. 

Included are 3 Music/Ambiance songs to set the mood while you play. This months songs are Naughty or Nice Better Think Twice, The Night Before Winter, and Winter Cave

Also included is a brand new custom playable DND class, two unique homebrew monsters, and two homebrew items!

In this package you get:

  • One 3-5 hour adventure module to run with your players.
  • 3 Non-Copyright songs to set the mood while you play.
  • Several digital maps including a dungeon master map.
  • Homebrew Class
  • Homebrew Monsters
  • Homebrew Items

There are no refunds on this product. All sales are final. Digital downloads will be available upon purchase.

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