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The Thanksgiving Fair

The Thanksgiving Fair

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This months one shot campaign is The Thanksgiving Fair. This campaign has family fun, festivities, and a BBEG right around the corner. You will be sure to have a different adventure on this level 4 adventure. 

Included are 3 Music/Ambiance songs to set the mood while you play. This months songs are I Am Drunk, Feast Of The Giving- Market, and Feast Of The Giving- Intense.

Also included is a brand new custom playable DND class, two unique homebrew monsters, and two homebrew items.


In this package you get:

  • One 3-5 hour adventure module to run with your players.
  • 3 Non-Copyright songs to set the mood while you play.
  • Several digital maps including a dungeon master map.
  • Homebrew Class
  • Homebrew Monsters
  • Homebrew Items
  • Digital Tokens

There are no refunds on this product. All sales are final. Digital downloads will be available upon purchase.

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