About Us

Welcome to DragonsNestDelivery, your monthly Dungeons & Dragons subscription box service! We offer a monthly Dungeons & Dragons subscription box that gets delivered right to your door every month.


A little about me ( Sunnysidejames ): I am a D&D creator on TikTok. My vision has always been to bring more people together to play Dungeons & Dragons. My main goal with these subscription boxes is to not only provide merchandise that makes you happy, but to also provide tools to run games each month with your friends!


My future vision is to work with other creators to include even more content inside these subscription boxes. Order today to start having boxes delivered to your doorstep!



Digital downloads will be sent via email upon order of subscription box (Please allow 24 hours to process email). Digital downloads will be available in the beginning of the month. 

Boxes get sent towards the end of the month each month. Boxes contain food items please check for allergy concerns.  Any orders after shipment has been sent out will be rolled over into the next month. Exceptions to this will be on a case to case basis. Email directly to inquire about obtaining a box after shipments have been sent out.

Email at DragonsNestDelivery@gmail.com if you have any concerns or questions!